"Well hello, consumer, yes hello consumer bop bop bop bop be da bup bebop cola~ yeah~!"

- Bebop Cola vending machine (All That Jazz)

"Bebop Cola, go grizzly or go home!"

- Bear (Vacation)

Bebop cola

Bebop Cola is a soda drink brand in Sealab 2021. It contains 20 different flavors seen in the episode "All that Jazz". In Vacation, it is shown that the Bear was sponsoring Bebop Cola near the end of the episode. It is known that Captain Murphy loves Bebop Cola.

Flavors Edit

  • Root Bird
  • Gilberto Grape
  • Artie Shawberry
  • Kiwi Holliday
  • Peachmo
  • John Colatrane
  • Don Wild Cherry
  • Vince Guavaldi
  • Dave Bruberry
  • Cab Colaway
  • Dexterade
  • Rina Lemone
  • Mango Reinhardt
  • Getzberry
  • Fizzy Gillespie
  • Marian McPineapples
  • Or'ngette Coleman
  • Mingus Dew
  • Plain.
  • Diet Plain.