Captain Murphy


Original captain of Sealab
Jumpsuit color

Captain Hazel "Hank" Murphy is the ostensible leader of the crew. Unfortunately, he is also the most deranged member and quite unfit for service; instead of providing any real leadership, he's either running a pirate radio show, ordering crewmembers to steal cable so he can watch his favorite show "Chopper Dave", complaining about his missing Happy Cake oven, or playing golf near the station's reactor core. He once became addicted to scorpion venom. He's easily amused and displays many symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder. His placement as Sealab's Captain may possibly be an experimental measure for an unknown purpose, as hinted by Dr. Virjay in the "Brainswitch" episode before being remotely incapacitated by labcoat-wearing sharks. He's bitter about getting beaten up as a child, so he likes to sucker punch people when he can. He is prone to having blackouts during which he has dreams that Sparks is out to get him and that he is obsessed with either Imogene Coca or Michael Caine. His most hated enemies are Bizarro Murphy and Evans (whom he calls "Eggers") from Pod 6. He seems to have a fixation on actress Adrienne Barbeau, making reference to her several times, including calling his robotic form the Barbeaubot. He is a fan of Bruce Springsteen and has labeled the crew as "phillistines" for being unfamiliar with him, and also owns every Rush album due to his misuse of credit cards. He despises every aspect of Pod 6 and always has since the "I Robot" episode, showing no reaction to it's initial destruction. His drinks of choice are brandy, White Russians, and bourbon. He also enjoys Bebop Cola (Mingus Dew, Mango Reinhardt), Shaved Ice, and kobe steak. The only episode where Murphy consistently acts responsibly is "7211" from the second season, with the running gag being that the entire episode is a faithful re-enactment of an actual Sealab 2020 episode. Murphy was voiced by Harry Goz until his death on September 6, 2003 from Multiple Myeloma. It can be speculated that the final stages of Goz' cancer were the reason why Murphy's voice was masked in his final appearances, as the Barbeaubot and regarding his choice to wear a scuba helmet indoors during Beck Bristow's visit to Sealab. After that, Murphy was described as having left Sealab to fight in the "Great Spice Wars".