Sealabian Civil war.jpeg(1)

Sealabian Civil War in action

Is a Sealab season 3 episode. Tornado Shanks secedes Sealab from United States, declaring Sealab a sovereign nation. Shortly thereafter, everybody also declared their own sovereignty causing a civil war within few minutes or hours.


Tornado Shanks declares Sealab a sovereign nation as Sealabia in order to be his own tax haven. A wave of secession fever sweeps through the entire crew, with a half-dozen nations declaring themselves independent in a few minutes, creating civil war; with the help of two British businessmen, they are all soon armed with missiles allegedly loaded with nuclear warheads. When push comes to shove and every Sealab nation declares war on every other one, however, the nukes all turn out to be duds. The Brits get away with Sealab's cash and play a horrible "rock" song over the end credits.


The title is self-pardoy to reference of a misconception of Marie Antoinette`s "Let' Em Eat Cake" Quote joke.

The episode make few to references or spoof to a American Civil War during and rest of the episode.

  • like few states secede from Sealabina is similar to Pre-Confederate states seceding from the United States in 1860-61 than formed the Confederacy.
  • Sealabia is present the union, While other Anti-Sealabian nations are rebel state rather than confederacy, And the 2 British men are present foreign help during American civil war.

Their "Foreign aid" are British-the same people who cause the civil war along.