Is a fictional nation in episode Let 'Em Eat Corn

History of SealabiaEdit

When Tornado Shanks declares Sealab a sovereign nation it became sealabia in order to be his own tax haven. Within seconds almost all of the sealabians secede to create their own micro nations within Sealab which quickly escalates into a 5 way civil war.

Sealabian Civil WarEdit

Main Article see: Sealabian Civil War

Politics in SealabiaEdit

This is Presidental Republic with Mitltiary Junta-uqes style they only first & last president is Tornado Shanks.

Ecomony in SealabiaEdit

The sealabian is broke because of civil war.

Demographic and Society in SealabiaEdit

They only got is 2 adult and 25 kids as thier civilans. Put insolented from other nations.

Miltiary on SealabiaEdit

Thier military is small and they got one nuke missle.